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Dumbwaiters For Sale In Utah, Idaho & Wyoming

Shuttle™ Dumbwaiter

Tired of schlepping heavy loads up and down the stairs? Wouldn’t it be great if someone did all that for you? It could be just that easy with the Shuttle™ from ThyssenKrupp Access. Effortless transportation of groceries, laundry, firewood and more will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

With 3 different car sizes to choose from, a lifting capacity of 200 pounds, plus the ability to travel between four floors, The Shuttle dumbwaiter is an indispensable labor-saving tool!

  • Easy installation
  • No pulleys required
  • Cable drive system is pre-installed at the factory
  • Car and drive system is pre-installed at the factory
  • No complex rail system to assemble
  • Simplified wiring
  • Warranty: 2 years parts / 5 years drive train