Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) are the easiest and most efficient way for people in wheelchairs to overcome the challenges of stairwells. Similar to an elevator, VPLs innovative features and functions make it a perfect ADA Accessible tool for any home, school, or office structure. These lifts are a great alternative to an elevator when space and budget is more limited.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

The Genesis Enclosure vertical platform lift includes a factory enclosure and integrated doors or gates. Available in standard, mid-size, and large enclosure sizes. Click the brochure link below to learn more.

The Garaventa Genesis vertical platform lift is designed to provide access into or within public buildings with up to 14 feet of rise. It travels inside a complete, self-contained enclosure, or can be located in a shaftway constructed by others (as shown). The Genesis Shaftway model fits inside a vertical runway build by others.

Genesis Opal Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical Platform lift

The Genesis Opal vertical platform lift is an unenclosed, reliable, cost efficient accessibility solution for public building or private residences. This durable and easy-to-use lift is ADA complaint and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to 5 feet.

Symmetry Vertical Platform Lift

Whether for commercial or residential, outdoor or indoor use, the Symmetry VPL helps eliminate the barrier that stairs may present for people with limited mobility. The VPL provide convenient access without compromising architectural character.

Vertical Lift vs. Platform Lift

What is the difference?

Vertical platform lifts are ideal for wheelchair users who need to be transported between floors of a home. Vertical lifts are limited to 12 feet of vertical travel, can incorporate up to 3 stops and only require a 6-foot square area of space.

An Inclined Platform Lift has similar technology to a stairlift and will move handicapped persons with safety and ease up stairwells. It is a great alternative to a vertical platform lift or elevator where space is limited and cannot fit a vertical wheelchair lift or elevator.