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At Able Access Elevator, our goal is to provide quality products and services. As an independent elevator dealer, we utilize non-proprietary equipment, which allows us to obtain parts locally rather than from the manufacturer. Our knowledgeable sales team will make it a priority that you receive outstanding customer service and you get the elevator of your dreams. Our certified technicians will come out to your home and complete the elevator installation after the hoistway construction is finished.

All of our home elevators are manufactured and designed to meet your needs. This includes the elevator dimensions, the elevator fixture choices, and the elevator cab materials, and finally the elevator drive type whether you choose a mechanical drive system or a hydraulic drive system. Contact us today to learn more about our elevators products and services.

Symmetry Residential Elevators

Symmetry Residential Elevators

The Symmetry In-line Gear Drive system does not require a machine room — saving you space and money without sacrificing your safety.

This machine room-less elevator system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute, has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds and features our standard ‘exclusive’ additions, including emergency battery-operated lowering, COP and hall stations digital position indicators, custom wood sills and energy-efficient LED lighting.

An optionally equipped battery backup system allows the elevator to travel up to next level of egress in the case of a power failure (up to 40’0″ at 20 feet per minute).

When it comes to residential elevator systems, Symmetry hydraulic drives systems are a popular choice for homeowners looking for quality, safety, and the ‘quietest’ ride. The hydraulic home elevator systems utilizes a ram or piston to raise and lower the car by filling or releasing fluid into an airtight cylinder. Symmetry offers more standard features and custom options than any other elevator on the market today.

Garaventa Residential Elevators

Garaventa Elvoron Elevator

The Elvoron in-line drive system offers:

  • No Machine Room*
  • 2hp In-Line Drive Electric Motor
  • No Hydraulic Fluid
  • 750 lb or 1000 lb capacity is standard
  • Optional 3-speed Horizontal Sliding Doors
  • 17 available wall finishes
  • Brushed stainless steel fixtures are standard. Premium fixtures are available in four finishes
  • Low-voltage LED lighting

*No machine room is required, making this a popular choice where space is a prime consideration. All of the drive components, including the controller box, can be mounted within the hoist-way.

The Elvoron Home Elevator by Garaventa is an elevating system designed specifically for use in private residences.  The hydraulic drive system offers passengers:

  • Compact Drive Cabinet
  • 3hp Submersed Hydraulic Pump Motor
  • 750 lb. or 1000 lb. load capacity
  • Optional 3-speed Horizontal Sliding Doors
  • Hydraulic (HR) or In-Line (MR) Drive Systems
  • 17 available wall finishes
  • Brushed stainless steel fixtures are standard. Premium fixtures are available in four finishes
  • Low-voltage LED lighting

Stilz Home Elevators

The Duo Alta Home Elevator is the perfect alternative to a stair lift or conventional hydraulic elevator. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo Alta offers freedom and flexibility. Using dual rail technology, the freestanding Stiltz Duo Home Elevator is a self-supporting structure with no extra weight burden put on the home. This means the lift can be installed in places where other conventional residential elevators will not fit. The clever design also means there is no need for a lift shaft or separate machine room.

The Trio Alta Home Elevator is an innovative wheelchair elevator and is perfect for the less mobile. Larger than the Duo Alta Home Elevator but still compact, the Trio Alta can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users with walking frames.

Once fitted, the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator simply plugs straight into a domestic power socket and is fully operational with no supporting walls needed. Spacious enough for a standard sized wheelchair, yet surprisingly compact with a footprint covering less than 13.5 sqft, a Stiltz elevator preserves precious floorspace, while giving you access to all areas, at all times.

Waupaca Residential Elevators

Waupaca Residential Elevator

The Paca-Ryde Series is an affordable hydraulic elevator system with a smooth stable ride. The innnovative J-Rail system reduces installation time and offers a smoother, more stable ride. Reliable digital control system requires minimal wiring and fast setup.

The Waupaca Excelevator roped hydraulic series is a popular residential elevator. Enjoy the ride with smooth acceleration and deceleration. Choose your elevator car from our beautiful standard collection or from our custom raised panel designs.

Waupaca offers complete customization to create a residential elevator that will fit any decor or architectural needs.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

The PVE30 is the smallest pneumatic home elevator in the world, yet it is just as capable as other residential elevators that are much larger and much more expensive. The PVE30 residential elevator has a 350lb. (159kg) lift capacity and is capable of up to 50 ft. (15m) of rise over as many as five stops. With a 30 inch outside diameter, it is small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home.

No pre-construction pit, hoist way or machine room required.

The compact PVE37 Pneumatic Vacuum home elevator is the perfect option for an existing residence as it does not take up much space, but still accommodates all of the desired applications of any residential elevator. As the ideal space saving solution, the two-passenger residential elevator can fit virtually anywhere inside the home without the consuming footprint of traditional home elevators.

The PVE52 Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is largest of the three vacuum elevators, capable of carrying three people or two people if one is in a wheelchair. Like all other vacuum elevators, the PVE52 does not need a separate space for machinery or additional room above and below the lift for a pit. Since the unit has a self-supporting structure, you will not have to add a frame to your home before installing it. This means you can fit this lift anywhere in your home.