At Able Access Elevator we offer parking lift solutions designed for residential garages, showrooms, and underground garages. We are committed to customizing each car lift to fit the architectural space and lifestyle of our customers.

Vasari Underground Car Lifts


The Vasari hydraulic underground car lift system is designed to provide parking for two full sized vehicles by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. The car lift lowers one vehicle to a lower elevation for storage and security, while the second vehicle can be driven onto the top platform and stored at the upper level of the single-car garage.

CARPARX / CARLOFT Residential Car Lifts


The CARLOFT has been developed for many applications ranging from commercial parking lifts and as a solution for the discriminating custom home owner and custom home builder. The design principle behind this system enables vehicles to be stored in the otherwise unused attic or “loft” space often found above conventional garage bays. This machine is in essence “lofting” the cars above the garage floor up and out of the way. The CARLOFT can be designed into new construction, and with careful planning and execution may be retrofitted into existing homes.

CARPARX systems set the world-wide standard for safe underground storage of cars, SUVs, and specialty vehicles. Expressly designed for private residences, estates, boutique hotels, or small multi-family dwellings, CARPARX systems are the answer for attractive and cost effective car storage.

CARPARX offers two distinct variations: the Hydraulic Vehicle Transport System (VTS) and the Dual-Scissors Subterranean Parking Lift System (ST).